About Us

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About Fourmile Health CBD

Fourmile CBD is a family-run company that specializes in small batch CBD products. We are particular about our hemp, so we are not contracted to any specific farm. Instead, our buyers carefully inspect each potential batch for bugs, mold, and anything else that would interfere with our strict standards.

During extraction, we utilize only the most beneficial parts of the hemp plant, namely the flower. We DO NOT extract stems, hemp seeds or sun leaves to create our premium CBD extracts. Never imported, our CBD is organically grown by some of the finest cultivators in the United States, ensuring you the highest quality CBD available.

About You

You want only the best. You understand that not all hemp products are created equal, but you may be confused about what makes one CBD oil better than another. You are looking for pure and potent organic ingredients sourced from trusted growers of the highest-grade hemp. Most importantly, you already know about the benefits of CBD. You’ve heard that people use it for a wide range of ailments, and you want to be one of them. What you want is the simple truth without all the hype.

Every batch of hemp is visually inspected for bugs and mold by dedicated in house inspectors. Our commitment to supplying only high-quality products makes Fourmile CBD superior to other brands available.

Fourmile CBD oil only extracts the beneficial parts of the hemp flower. We DO NOT extract stems, seeds or sun leaves for our CBD. This ensures only the beneficial CBD oil is extracted and not useless fillers.

Our Promise
We’ve got you covered. No overinflated claims or gimmicks are necessary. From our full-spectrum CBD oils to our 99.9% pure CBD isolate, Fourmile’s products are sourced from the best-quality hemp on the market and represent the height of excellence in the industry