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Welcome to the Four Mile Health smokable CBD flowers. Our high-quality and pure flowers are the results of our organically grown plants, curing process, and expert trimmers.

What are the CBD flowers?
CBD flowers are produced in the female hemp plant. The hemp plant contains high levels of CBD or cannabidiol and low levels of THC, where CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, while THC produces psychoactive effects in our body.

How to Take CBD Flowers?
You can consume the CBD flower in different ways the way you like. The traditional option is to smoke it alone or mixed with other things such as tobacco in a joint roll. Vaping is a new thing where you use a vaporizer to heat the flower. Moreover, you can eat them in their raw form, or incorporate into your cooking with butter and oil, or brewed in hot water and take with your tea.

What are CBD Flowers good for?
CBD has myriad health benefits. Since CBD flowers contain high amounts of CBD, consuming CBD flowers can help with the following health concerns and issues:
Headaches and anxiety
Mood swings
Sore muscles
Skin conditions
Joints and muscles inflammation
Neurodegenerative disorders

What benefits CBD Flowers have over other product types?
As compared to other CBD products, CBD flowers are lighter in weight and easy to transport. Moreover, they eliminate the risk of leakage and broken bottles and containers.

Are CBD Flowers safe for pets?
Yes, CBD flowers are safe for dogs. But, it’s recommended to use pet CBD products for your pets as they are manufactured specifically for them.

Can I smoke/vape CBD Flowers?
Of course, you can smoke or vape them. For smoking, you can easily make a roll, but for vaping, you will require a heat vape, not a liquid vape.

Are CBD Flowers legal?
Well, there is no particular answer to this question. It’s legal in some states, but not in all states. You should check with your state’s law.

Can you eat CBD Flower?
Yes, you can eat them on their own.

Does CBD flower smell, if yes then how?
Yes, CBD flower smells. It gives a similar smell to cannabis, but not the exact same.

Do CBD Flowers contain any THC?
Yes, they contain THC, however, in a very small quantity, roughly 0.3%. For a CBD flower to be legal, it should not contain more than 0.3% THC.

Can you grind CBD flowers for consumption?
Yes, you can grind the CBD flower for consumption.

Do CBD Flowers make you hungry?
No, they don’t make you hungry in any way.

Why smoke CBD flower?
Smoking or vaping CBD flowers can give you the quickest benefits of CBD.

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